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Peep Vain is a renowned keynote speaker, a best-selling author, a teacher of conscious self-development, a successful entrepreneur and investor, a sales legend and an aspiring musician.

Who is Peep?

Peep Vain (pronounced Pep Vine) is a motivational speaker, best-selling author and an aspiring musician. Hailing from his homeland Estonia, he has worked the field for almost 30 years. At the outset of his career, he sold books door-to-door in the USA in during four summers, while completing his business degree in Bentley University in the USA. During that period he was most influenced by the teachings of Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Stephen Covey, later also by Tony Robbins.

In 1997 he started a sales and management training company Vain & Partners that quickly became a market leader in his homeland, with annual revenue of over a million euros and satisfied clients among the leading players in various industries. During this period Peep became a sought after speaker and workshop leader.

Teaching the walk…

At the turn of the century, his attention focused to topics of self-development, helping others to raise levels of self-awareness, confidence and personal effectiveness. Peep created and marketed big group seminars, leading thousands over hot coals to create a better future and a better self.

In 2008 he published a best-selling book “The Most Important Question” that guides the reader in creating a vision for a balanced life of wellbeing and happiness, choosing and achieving goals to make this vision real.

… and walking the talk

In 2010, a software start-up Pipedrive was spun off of Vain & Partners. Today, Pipedrive is one of the most successful and valuable Estonian global tech companies. Pipedrive helps salespeople from all over the world in simplifying their sales process, holding a tight focus on goals and activities that matter most and getting needed results faster.

From meaning to music and back

Between 2010 and 2013 period Peep learned the craft of Alchemical Divination from dr. Ralph Metzner, allowing him to use those tools in his work for the benefit of his clients.

After, in 2014, Peep took a five year sabbatical during which he dedicated himself to the study of music. His instruments of choice are trumpet and the piano. He also takes voice lessons.

At the end of his lengthy sabbatical, Peep wrote another best-selling book “Amidst life”, available only in Estonian for now. His second book focuses on ways to better navigate midlife crisis and transitions in order to create an even better and happier second half of life.

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Invite Peep to speak

These days, after having returned to ranks of people trying to make difference in the world, Peep is once again invited to speak in various conferences, off-site meetings and seminars. His presentations, speeches and workshops are engaging, thought provoking, humorous, practical and, indeed, very inspiring. He has shared a stage with many speakers, most notable among them are Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and Richard Branson.

You may inquire about possibilities to hire Peep for your next event by writing an e-mail to


Sample topics include:

• Designing and creating a compelling future
• Motivating yourself and others
• Selling and salesmanship
• Discovering and integrating your shadow
• Overcoming resistance to change in you team
• Understanding and managing your emotions
• Navigating mid-life crisis to a happier second half-time
• Life lessons of leadership
• Secrets of self-confidence
• Creating a winning mindset
• Healing all your past hurts
• Discovering yourself to be yourself

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